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Theft By Chocolate

Length: 362 pages5 hours


Theft By Chocolate is a sassy museum heist mystery thriller about a woman looking for chocolate, love and an international art thief in all the wrong places. And in that order!

This love letter to the museum world, in which the author worked for over twenty years, surprises with its unusual combination of Bridget-Jones’s-Diary-like humour and thriller elements.

Theft By Chocolate is inspired by Luba’s experiences at Canada’s largest museum and by a real-life and never-solved heist at the Royal Ontario Museum in the early 1980s that rocked the security industry globally.
The taut page-turner is a fictional imagining, weaving the historical event into a 21st-century setting and into the capricious escapades of a fumbling, chocolate-addicted amateur sleuth and reluctant cougar.

Chocolate addict Kalena Boyko wasn’t prepared for this. Heading to work at Canada’s largest museum as an administrator, she hoped for quiet and uninterrupted access to her secret chocolate stash. Instead she’s assigned to manage the high-profile Treasures of the Maya exhibition with her loathed former boss, Richard Pritchard.
With no warning, her life is turned inside out and propelled into warp speed as she stumbles across an insider plot that could jeopardize the exhibit and the reputation of the museum.

After learning of a recent botched theft at the museum and about an unsolved jewel heist in the past from security guard and partner in crime-solving Marco Zeffirelli, Kalena becomes suspicious of Richard and is convinced he’s planning to sabotage the Treasures of the Maya exhibition.
Her suspicions, and the appearance of the mysterious but charming Geoffrey Ogden from the London office, don’t help her concentration. The Treasures of the Maya seems cursed as problem after problem arises, including the disappearance of a key artefact - the world’s oldest piece of chocolate...

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