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The Legend of Ashiba

Length: 261 pages4 hours


Agella, thirty-eight year old ruler of Ashiba, is plagued by nightly dreams that trouble her so deeply that she sends away her husband Eulera, his son Kaslu and her daughter Norleah, to another province citing administrative reasons. Due to the arrival of early winter, the trio is unable to return from the outlying garrison. Orlo, the silent magician, speaks publicly for the first time. He issues the warning, "Beware of the woman with two faces," In the deepest part of night, a mist drifts in through the open window and engulfs Agella briefly before assuming her shape. Ri`san, the new woman come to life. Orlo informs the husband that a separation has taken place and Ashiba now has two Queens. The Gods are aware of it, and the two woman must meet atop the mountain to do battle over who will survive and rule else Ashiba will revert to the dark ages. Eulera proposes to kill one of the women but is told that the Gods will not allow this. The women meet again and realize that neither of them can survive alone. They reach out to each other and meld as one. The eclipse is finished and Mearah, a new woman, is created.

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