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Stay With Me (A Quaking Heart Novel - Book Two)

Length: 422 pages8 hours


Johnnie has an aversion to self-absorbed beauties—belles, he calls them—and shows no mercy when telling spoiled bits of fluff like Rose Marie what he thinks. Problem is, his Pinkerton expertise and instincts begin to paint a far different picture of the woman who has suddenly turned his life upside down.

When Johnnie leaves Montana to resume his life as a San Francisco Pinkerton detective—known as Bay Cowboy to the locals—his path crosses Rose Marie’s in the worst possible way. After a few weeks of frantic investigation, Johnnie becomes convinced she’s up to her baby blue eyes in the jewelry heists that are plaguing the city. Johnnie vows to get to the bottom of her involvement and save her from herself, no matter the cost.

Rose Marie is torn. Her chance encounters with Johnnie have sparked unsettling desires in her, yet she must keep pushing him away to keep him safe. When the invitation comes for Mary’s wedding, Rose Marie is faced with a dilemma: Mary wants her to travel by car to Montana with Johnnie, where she will be forced into close quarters with the man she’s not only exceedingly attracted to, but must somehow keep in the dark about her undertakings in San Francisco.

As Johnnie and Rose Marie make their way across four state lines to Harper Ranch, a true connection forms. Barriers come down as they break free of the bonds they have placed on themselves from their painful pasts. They are forced to admit their first impressions of each other have been false, and they find themselves in wildly unfamiliar territory: a chance at abiding love. But on their way back to San Francisco, their professional lives collide head-on, and they are left to pick up the pieces. Just what pieces they choose to pick up will decide their fate.

Two worthy souls have a choice: Follow God’s plan and merge two lives into one, or continue to follow their own disenchanting paths and lose a chance at love.

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