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Doyle's Paradise (Arthur Doyle, P.I. Series, #4)

169 pages2 hours


Doyle decides to take a huge windfall of money from recovering Egyptian artifacts and take a vacation. His first in years from when he was a detective for the Detroit PD. Now a private investigator, he can set his own work schedule. He decides to close the business and go to Paradise. Hawaii. His new girlfriend, Poppy Drake has decided to go along, and Doyle's secretary, Marge is invited. Doyle's partner Oscar Drew decides to go visit relatives and passes on paradise. Now in Hawaii, on a very secluded private island, Doyle, Poppy and Marge are loving the sun, sand and the ocean, but they are drawn into murders of the guests. Doyle realizes he must solve the killings before Poppy, Marge or he become victims. Will he save Paradise before it becomes a living hell. This is the fourth book of the Doyle series.

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