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The Butter Tree: Tales Of Bruh Rabbit

Length: 31 pages7 minutes


Fooled you! Bruh Rabbit is always playing tricks. He tricks Bruh Bear out of bed and eats his fish. He tricks Bruh Wolf out of the butter from his butter tree--then he proves that it was Wolf who ate it. He even serves oven-fried wolf to his children. But sometimes Bruh Rabbit gets fooled too.

Retelling six authentic Bruh Rabbit stories that were recorded in Beaufort County and Murrells Inlet in South Carolina, author Mary Lyons has captured their madcap spirit. A longtime reading teacher and librarian, she uses simple, strong words that allow first readers to make their own way through Bruh Rabbit's (mis)adventures. Mireille Vautier's explosion of primary colors, and her sly, knowing rabbit, add a second smile to every story.

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