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The Story Traveller

Length: 200 pages3 hours


Lucy enjoys school until one day her father takes a new job in a new town, which means a new school. That’s when her troubles begin. For reasons she can’t understand, she is targeted by three bullies, led by Anna Ibsen. As she struggles with this, she finds she has been offered the job of story traveller by the Fairy Godmothers’ Union.During the day, Lucy does her best to deal with the increasing amount of bullying and at night sets off on a series of exciting and dangerous adventures into the world of Cinderella. Her journeys take her to France, to China to meet Yeh-Shen and a perilous journey to Ireland, where she introduces herself to Ash, a young Irish lad. Her final travels take her to Russia to meet Vasilisa and the scary Baba Yaga.But these journeys are not all full of wonder and joy. Lucy has scares and terrors as she comes up against many of the evil characters from Storyland, while dealing with the nastiness of Anna and her cronies. However, she learns a lot from her job as story traveller, and with the backing of friends and family, finds the courage to deal with the bullies.The Story Traveller, which carries a positive moral message to readers, will apply to children ages 7-10. Judy is inspired by many modern authors including Eoin Colfer, Michael Morpugo and Terry Pratchett, and by one of her favourite childhood books, Little Lord Fauntleroy by Mrs. F. H. Burnett.

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