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Brave, Episode Four - The Color of Love

Length: 74 pages1 hour


Chloe is done running from the past. Determined to do what's right and face her ex-husband's wrath once and for all, Chloe believes she's on her own. But Logan Farrow, the handsome chef who's endeavoring to win her heart, isn't ready to let her go just yet. Chloe's feelings tell her to stay, but her mind says she should leave before she draws him into her private world of pain.

As Chloe tries to fight her battles alone, Logan's support becomes a burden and a blessing. She struggles with her need for affection, the desire for his attention and her fear of hurting him. And a desperate cry for help from a good friend brings Chloe face-to-face with the man who wants to kill her.

Brave, The Color of Love is the fourth part of Brave, a romantic suspense serial novel.

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