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Brave, Episode Two – The Color of Blood

Length: 68 pages56 minutes


Real estate agent Chloe Sheldon's secret is out. Her ex-husband, David Haltermann, is back for revenge and she's terrified he'll ruin everything she's worked hard to achieve - including her relationship with her boss, Jonathan Maynard. She's determined to stop that from happening, but Jonathan seems inclined to acknowledge the past rather than consider the future with her.

Chloe realizes David's poisonous words may turn Jonathan against her. And she questions whether she can trust the man who was 'everything she ever wanted' or run as she's done before. Especially when Jonathan reveals his dark side, thrusting 'the truth' about Chloe's past into the spotlight. As Chloe tries to force the pain away, to deny what's happening, a chance encounter introduces her to a new man who could signal the end of her pain, or the beginning of it.

Brave, The Color of Blood is the second part of Brave, a romantic suspense serial novel.

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