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The Odyssey of Enlightenment: Rare Interviews with Enlightened Teachers of Our Time (Enlightenment Series, #6)

Length: 481 pages8 hours


Pathways to Enlightenment --
from Masters of Nondual Spirituality


Osho  •  Papaji  •  Harish Madhukar • Gangaji  •  Annamalai Swami  •  Lakshmana Swami • Ramesh S. Balsekar  •  Dadaji  •  Kiran •
UG Krishnamurti  •  Andrew Cohen  •  Gangolli

This book chronicles one man's burning quest as he searches for, and tirelessly questions, a total of twelve spiritual teachers who are widely recognized as enlightened. Spurred on by a passionate yearning for truth, Thompson's odyssey takes him to remote parts of India where he engages in dialogues of a quality and depth rarely found in the annals of religion.

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