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Long Road Back Home

Length: 218 pages3 hours


Lianne Schofield has finally found family and acceptance. Just when things are going great, the introduction of a young Scotsman named Robert MacForrester turns everything upside down. He's attractive, kind and incredibly stubborn. Worst of all, at least in her opinion, is his strong moral character. When her uncle warns him to stay away from his niece, he does. And then some. After two years of being "rejected" by him, Lianne decides to protect her battered heart and bruised ego by moving away. There has to be someone out there for her to love and take care of, right?. Enter Jesse Parker, a man just needy enough to suck her in and nearly destroy her. Now she's headed back home, for the last time. She has hope in her heart that not only will her family forgive her bad life choices but that the man of her dreams will finally admit his true feelings.

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