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Lady Scarlet

Length: 293 pages4 hours


By the time Vivian realized something was strange about her necklace, she’d stolen £2,000 and boarded an international airship flight. She’s hearing thoughts and voices that aren’t hers. She’s also seeing younger versions of herself, each with a different escape plan.
Agent Jack Durnham knew something was wrong as soon as his partner and the professor they were guarding went missing. Professor Kayhill escaped protective custody and boarded that same airship. When Kayhill turns up dead, the newspapers tie Vivian to the killing and theft of a secret weapon, dubbing her “Lady Scarlet.” Her splintered mind adopts the persona of master spy.
With Lady Scarlet’s help, Vivian outfoxes a crime lord’s thug and Agent Durnham. One wants to kill her to get the weapon she doesn’t have. The second wants to arrest her and use her to catch the thug. When her childhood friend turns up working against her, Vivian doesn’t know whether he’s been duped or if he’s part of the plot. The voices are telling Vivian one thing and each of her younger selves is saying another. Agent Durnham says he wants to help, but Lady Scarlet trusts no one. The magic in the necklace might help, if she knew how to use it.

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