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Pale Moon Rising

Length: 400 pages5 hours


Years ago, Joe Connally married Olivia Jones because it was the right thing to do. But when they lost the baby, there seemed to be no need to carry on the charade. Olivia put her broken heart on a shelf and set out to leave her past, and its pain, behind.

As an interior designer, Olivia is just beginning to make her mark and has won the coveted job of restoring Mallenegua, a massive stone mansion situated on a private island off the coast of South Carolina. But unexpectedly she comes face-to- face with the husband she loved and lostthe project architect is Joe Connally.

While the passion still lingers, so does the hurt and the fierce hostility of his scheming family, who will do anything to drive Olivia away. When strange things begin to happen at the old mansion, Olivia is drawn into a deadly scheme that could ultimately cost her her life.

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