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Hell Dawn

Length: 320 pages4 hours



Forged in the hellfires of combat, the paramilitary operatives of the covert organization known as Stony Man are the President's first response team when crisis strikes. Unencumbered by red tape or protocol, they've got no margin for error. If Stony Man can't stop it, most likely nobody else can especially now, as they race to halt the release of a computer virus before hell on earth becomes a reality .


Project: Cold Earth is a malignant computer worm capable of destabilizing nuclear reactors to the point of meltdown. It's the brainchild of a CIA freelancer who's become a high-value target for the good guys and the bad. Now the virus is in the wrong hands, along with its creator, and everybodythe hunters, the buyers and the sellersare crowding the front lines. It's a desperate countdown for Stony Man, a nightmare made in the U.S., but poised to take down the rest of the globe .

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