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Rolling Thunder

Length: 320 pages6 hours



The clandestine operations group known as Stony Man is unbound by rules of procedure and answers only to the Oval Office. Hal Brognola's team of cyberwarriors and battlefield commandos takes the most direct approach to stem the tide of global terrorism and high crime. As the court of last resort, they handle the dirty work no other department or agency can touch.


The Basque Liberation Movement, a militant splinter cell of Spain's notorious ETA terrorist group, has seized a state-of-the-art new supertank equipped with nuclear firing capabilities. Intent on carrying their blood message to the world, the BLM has planned a devastating show of force at a NATO conference in Barcelona. As Stony Man's cybernetics team works feverishly to track the terrorists and the stolen warheads, the commandos of Able Team and Phoenix Force hit the ground running. But a clever, resourceful enemy remains one step ahead, in a race against the odds getting worse by the minute .

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