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The Italian

Length: 400 pages8 hours


Napoleon has fallen and the Austrian Empire
sweeps the continent. Dashing revolutionaries,
traitors and spies lurk in every quarter in the
turbulent Italy of the 1820s.

Italian patriot Angelo Bartolini is a man of
many faces: a devoted son and brother, a noble
friend and a stalwart nationalist. As a member
of the Carbonari, a secret society dedicated to
freeing Italy from Austrian rule, Angelo is a
wanted man. But as with all great men, Angelo
has a tender side, and his spirit awakens the
passion of the brilliant but shy English painter,
Beatrice Fairweather, who now makes her
home in the Tuscan countryside.

The Italian is a compelling story of two people
who fall in love at the wrong time for all the
right reasons. It is a haunting tale of families
and war, of missed opportunities, betrayal,
tragedy and of a love that knows no end.

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