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Are You Lonesome Tonight?

Length: 224 pages2 hours


Take two resort owners and one eccentric chef. Add a fussbudget food critic, mix up two roomsand what have you got? Either a recipe for disaster or all the ingredients for love.

Suite dreams are made of this . Francesca D'Arcy has just pumped her last penny into making her five-star fantasy come true. Feather beds, fine wines and fabulous foodthe Cabernet Inn is a stage set for seduction. Except romance isn't on the menu for Francescaat least not until after dark, when a figment of her imagination takes on a life of its own!

Resort owner Tony Galini has never met anybody like his business partner, Francesca. She's smart, she's sexy and she hasn't got a clue how much Tony wants her! Still, he's hesitant to risk their friendship by making a move on her. But the lust is getting pretty close to the surface and when they accidentally fall into the same bed, all bets are off. After all, who says friends can't make even better lovers .

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