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Barely Mistaken

Length: 224 pages3 hours



Librarian Olivia Cooper, daughter of the town drunk, will do almost anything to gain respectabilityeven marry wealthy, but oh-so-dull, Adam Rutledge. But the night of the local costume party, Adam's anything but dull. Suddenly her would-be fiancé is daring, dangerous and very, very sexy. Only, Olivia never guesses that the right chemistry will lead her into the wrong bed. Rebel Luke Rutledge thinks he's only saving Olivia from his brother's greedy machinations when he takes Adam's place at the party. But once Olivia is in his arms, Luke can't think at all! The attraction is immediate, the sex explosive and the truth disastrous. Olivia might have wanted Adambut she can't keep her hands off Luke. So what else can this bad boy do but seduce her into saying yes?

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