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Dangerous to Hold: Night of the Jaguar\The Cowboy and the Cossack

Length: 513 pages7 hours


When a tricky situation needs a cool head, quick wits and a touch of ruthlessness,Adam Ridgeway, director of the top secret OMEGA agency, sends in his team to handle the problem. Lately, though, his agents have been getting into romantic troubles of their own .

NIGHT OF THE JAGUAR: Jake MacKenzie's mission was to infiltrate a Central American guerrilla bandnot rescue a nun and three children taken hostage. But despite his orders, he can't turn his back on their plightor on the powerful attraction he feels to "Sister" Sarah. But Sarah is moreand lessthan what she seems .

THE COWBOY AND THE COSSACK: When a nuclear device goes missing in the Karistan mountains,"Cowboy" Nate Sloan is sent to recover itby any means necessary. Including seducing Alexandra Jordan, the leader of the local tribe. But with battle having claimed most of the men of the country, Nate's pursuit of Alexandra could be dangerous to his own health .

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