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Her crime was to have loved him…

"You go to pieces when I touch you…."

However hard she tried, Georgie couldn't deny how physically attractive she still found Rafael Bernanza. But four years ago he had devastated her emotions and her pride, and she had vowed never to let him get that close again. So it was with a sinking heart that Georgie realized she was stranded in Bolivia, a country where only Rafael could help her.

But at what price?

By the author of A Vengeful Passion.
"Graham writes with a passionate fire that is captivating to the very end."
Affaire de Coeur

Topics: 1990s, Series, Breakups, Bolivia, Old Flames, Romantic, and Reconciliation

Published: Harlequin on
ISBN: 9781459276093
List price: $3.99
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