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EJ Beaumont is one big flirt. Not exactly the best trait for a cop, but it's an asset on his current undercover investigation for the HotWires team. He's flirting big-time with sexy online psychic Charlotte Gerard, who's reportedly running a lonely hearts scam. He is going to nail her cute butt but good!

Charlotte can sense there's something special about her newest client, Ethan Jared. All the cards point to the fact they will be passionate lovers--soon. But it's the hints of danger troubling her most. And when she's forced to run to him for protection, can she really trust him with her heart and her life?

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Flirtation - Samantha Hunter

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I wasn't too sure about the HotWires mini series. Suspense isn't my thing, and I'm vey picky about anything hacker. but this book was alright. There were too many characters revisiting for my liking, but the story was nice and fast-paced, even though there were several points that irked me. I still read it in two sittings, so that's okay.