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Redwolf's Woman

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Jared Redwolf knew
Ava Thompson should
have been his, but four
years ago his lover had
left Paradise, Texas, to
marry another man.
Now Ava was back, and
Jared was hell-bent on
uncovering the truth of why she had fled. Their
reunion turned explosive when Jared learned Ava's
secret… She'd had his child!
Ava knew that Jared was not a man to forgive and
forget. But she also knew he wouldn't be willing to
lose his little girl again. Despite her need to run away,
she kept remembering all the incredible nights they
had shared—the bone-melting kisses, the tender
embraces—Could Ava tame Jared's stubborn pride
and make him recognize she was meant to be
Redwolf's Woman?

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