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On a state visit to Moscow, Billie Bradford, the beautiful and brilliant wife of the President of the United States, is abducted by the Soviets and replaced by Vera Vazilova, a superbly trained Russian undercover agent and actress who is the First Lady's physical double.

The impostor's mission--to induce the President to reveal a U.S. secret that will drastically tip the world balance toward Russia. But one false move--whether before TV cameras or in the White House bedroom--can destroy the entire masquerade.

And in Moscow, Billie also has a mission--to frantically seek ways to escape while daringly leading a Soviet intelligence officer astray about the most intimate area of her married life.

Two women, each playing a treacherous game in a foreign land, each taking a desperate gamble in the arms of the other's lover--a world-shaking gamble that only one of them can win...


"Intense, suspenseful... Every ingredient known to produce a thriller!"--Los Angeles Times

"Fast-paced, action-packed, and sex-fired!"--New York Post


SPECIAL BONUS - An Excerpt from the novel DESIRE, by Amy Wallace, is included at the end of the book!

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: If you have not discovered the fiction of Irving Wallace, you are in for a treat. Starting with his controversial bestseller The Chapman Report (which was feautured in Stephen King's new thriller, 11/22/63, and continuing on through THE MAN - a novel in which a black senator became president in the turbulent 1960s (for which Wallace's family received threats while the movie - featuring James Earl Jones - was in production), as well as The Prize, The Miracle, and many others, Wallace provided fast-paced, intricately researched thrillers on pace with the world around him. Charged with intrigue, sex, and wonderfully complex plots, Wallace sold literally millions of copies of his novels worldwide. It is our pleasure at Crossroad Press to bring them back, one by one, in digital. It is also our privilege to work with Wallace's daughter, Amy, an accomplished author in her own right. We have brought back Amy's critically acclaimed novel DESIRE - in both digital and audio, as well as her biography of James Sidis - The Prodigy. Just search Irving Wallace, Amy Wallace, or Crossroad Press for our growing catalog of their work.

In addition to the works of Irving Wallace, Crossroad Press is proud to present more than five hundred digital books for your preferred reading device. We have titles by award-winning authors like Thomas Sullivan, Bill Pronzini, Loren D. Esteleman, John Lutz, Tom Piccirilli, David Niall Wilson, Steven Savile, and more. Our catalog includes mysteries, thrillers, horror, fantasy, science-fiction, original series books, non-fiction, young adult books and more. Find all our titles wherever eBooks are sold.

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