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Guide to Select the Perfect Paint Colors for Your Home: 5 Extremely Easy Steps

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Your guide to success!

Choosing colors can be intimidating, and a lot of people are afraid of adding bold, expressive or unique colors to their home. The purpose of this book is not to give you a history lesson on color, but rather to remove all apprehensions and fears of using colors in your home. This book will put you at ease when you go to select colors to beautify your home.

It will help you to select the perfect paint colors that will make you and everybody living with you happy. Forget what you've seen at other people homes or in magazines. This book is designed to help you make choices that are specific to your home and the people who live with you.

With this beautifully illustrated book and its very simple instructions, you will be guided step-by-step to achieve maximum success.

It's easy as 1-2-3! You'll learn how to get it right, every time.
1. Read the simple and extremely easy steps.
2. Follow the clear and simple instructions.
3. Fill in the blank spaces with answers that are specific to your home.

It's Like Having A Professional Color Consultant Right By Your Side!

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