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Chronicle 2022

331 pages5 hours


A whole new journey begins,
but for millions, the journey ends.

In this ninth year's worth of entries from a diary stored on a futuristic recording device found after a house fire, Andrew Woodmaker gets a closer involvement with the British space program than he could ever have dreamed of.
In 2022, tensions rise further in the Middle East, with Israel and Iran glaring at each other over the threat of nuclear weapons, while Saudi Arabia’s civil war continues to rage.
Andrew Woodmaker receives an unexpected opportunity, but one which comes at a price. Should he stay with what he knows, or give it all up on the possibility of a dream coming true?
Nobody knows if this is a work of fiction or a true record of how things happened, and will happen. By reading the diary, some things may have already begun to change, and the future is not what it was.
But it could be that this is how it would have been.

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