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Sharing Hailey

Sharing Hailey

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Sharing Hailey

4.5/5 (89 ratings)
345 pages
5 hours
Jul 9, 2012


Hailey Anderson's deep, dark secret? She's been madly in lust with her overprotective brother's two best friends for years. Gorgeous woodworking artist Mark Allen and sexy doctor Tony Adamo have no idea they star in her fantasies every night.

After a nasty breakup with her abusive boyfriend, Hailey's looking for a little distance. Headed for a two-week Hawaiian vacation with her brother and his hot friends, Hailey can't wait to feast her eyes on Mark's and Tony's rock-hard, ocean-slick bodies. Even if she can't touch.

But instead of treating her like their little sister, Mark and Tony have a surprising proposition: a monogamous ménage à trois. The three of themand no one else. Both men want Hailey and have agreed to share her. The red-hot reality is even better than the forbidden fantasy. Until Hailey's ex threatens their newfound happiness
Jul 9, 2012

About the author

USA Today bestselling author Samantha Ann King wrote her first erotic romance in 2010 and entered it in Passionate Ink's Stroke of Midnight Contest. That contest win led to the ultimate writing goal--publication--in 2011. Her first novel was nominated for RT’s Reviewers’ Choice Award. Samantha enjoys helping her characters find their happily ever after, even when they resist.

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Book Preview

Sharing Hailey - Samantha Ann King


Chapter One

Hailey stood in the line at Phoenix airport security flanked by her brother’s two best friends, aka serious drool material. As if she hadn’t been able to figure that out for herself, every woman in the vicinity and a few of the men reminded her. Even mothers busy with babies and toddlers managed to sneak in wistful glances at them.

Tony Adamo and Mark Allen. Too bad she had a crush on both of them—had had a crush on both of them since she’d learned that boys were good for something other than playing ball and tag. Too bad they thought of her as a little sister. Oh yeah, and there was that tiny, little detail about them being her brother’s best friends.

Yes, she was vacationing with her brother and his wife and her brother’s best friends. How pathetic was that? Her boyfriend hadn’t wanted to go. And why was a thirty-two-year-old woman using the term boyfriend, as if she were still in high school?

Nix that. She no longer had a boyfriend. After a year and a half, she’d finally broken it off with him two days ago. Well, technically a day and a half ago.

Which reminded her…

Surreptitiously, she swept the area with her gaze just to make certain Daniel hadn’t followed her. No sign of him. Just a few families going on vacation and a lot of business people with their carry-ons in one hand and BlackBerries in the other. She pulled her cell phone from the back pocket of her jeans and checked for messages.

One from her brother saying he and Nikki had arrived in Hawaii and to get her rear in gear. She automatically deleted the message and then the phone number in the log of incoming calls, leaving it empty. She checked her outgoing log to make certain it was empty then stopped herself.

Daniel was history. No more arguments over who called her or whom she called. No more fights over whom she lunched with. No more defending her meetings with clients. No more put-downs or subtle threats.

She should have been relieved. She wasn’t. Daniel hadn’t taken the breakup well.

Once again she scanned the crowd, more carefully this time.

You lookin’ for someone? Mark asked, his voice so close to her ear that she startled and her heart skipped a beat.

Hailey slipped the phone back in her pocket as she shook her head. No.

He rested his arm across her shoulders, and Tony ruffled her hair.

Hey, sunshine, you’re on vacation. What’s got you so jumpy? Tony asked, his dark eyes serious.

Hailey tried to clear her throat so her voice didn’t sound so rough. It was too damned early in the morning to talk. Nothing, she lied, but her next statement was the truth. I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m just tired.

Tony looked over her head at Mark and shrugged his shoulders. He obviously didn’t believe her. His frown and the lines between his dark eyebrows told her as much. One of the drawbacks of knowing each other for so long.

Mark moved his hand to her neck, slipped it under her hair and began a slow massage with just enough pressure to relax her. She sighed, closed her eyes and let her head drop forward. Mark had the best hands—callused and strong from working with wood, but gentle too.

Tony took her hand and pulled her a few steps forward as the line moved, and Mark continued the massage. She loved the way their individual scents combined when they stood close to her. Familiar, yet incredibly sexy. Unfortunately, they’d never crossed the line of friendship, had never even been tempted to cross that line. And she’d never tried to coax either of them across it. Because the simple truth was, she couldn’t decide which one she wanted.

Yeah, it sucked.

Their voices soothed her as they talked about bowl season. Mark stood close enough that she could feel the vibrations of his deep voice against her back. Other voices blended to a low hum, occasionally punctuated by announcements over the PA system.

Her thoughts drifted from Tony and Mark and returned to Daniel. Why was she worried about him showing up? He’d made it clear he didn’t have time for a two-week vacation. He’d told her to go on without him. She’d thought he’d meant it. He knew she hated the cold weather and short-on-sunshine days of winter. Something in her DNA. She couldn’t even wear wool. She was allergic to it. A woman allergic to wool shouldn’t have to deal with the cold—and this winter had been particularly brutal. As far as winters went, Albuquerque’s were usually pretty mild, although not near as mild as her native Houston. But they’d had at least two feet of snow in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Normal winters always sent her into a funk, but this year she’d been desperate for Hawaii’s long, warm days.

When Daniel had learned that she’d made airline reservations, he’d slammed her against the dining room wall, knocking the air out of her. When he’d let go, she’d crumpled to the floor, stunned, desperately trying to suck air into her lungs.

Oh, he’d been quick to apologize, had said it would never happen again. And he’d seemed sincere. But she hadn’t been so sure. She’d been tiptoeing around him for a month…until she’d ended their relationship on New Year’s Eve. Well, actually New Year’s Eve morning, over brunch at The Range. Yeah, the timing had been bad. But she’d wanted to get it over with before she went on vacation. And she hadn’t had the guts to do it earlier. Desperation had finally given her courage. It had been a chicken-shit thing to do, but that was her. Chicken. She’d have felt worse about it if Daniel hadn’t been treating her like shit.

She rubbed her upper arms, stoically refusing to flinch at the tender bruises beneath the sleeves of her leather jacket. He hadn’t touched her in the restaurant, but afterward in the parking lot, he’d grabbed her, shaken her, knocked her against her car, trapped her there with his hand against her throat. And then a middle-aged couple had walked by. The man had asked if everything was okay, and Daniel had stalked away. How far would he have gone if they hadn’t been in a public place? Would he have choked her if that couple hadn’t said something to him?

She’d gone home, picked up her suitcase and spent the night at Mark’s house, afraid of being alone. Surprisingly, he hadn’t had a date for New Year’s Eve. Neither had Tony. They’d spent the night watching movies, staying up just long enough for a glass of champagne at midnight. The three of them had left Albuquerque the following morning.

When they’d headed out of the city, she’d been lethargic and moody. But as they got closer to Phoenix, just the thought of those warm days had perked her up.

Still, she was jumpy. She’d feel better once the flight took off and she didn’t have to worry about Daniel.


Her stomach flip-flopped. He’d never hit her…if she didn’t count that slam against the wall. Maybe got in her face, maybe grabbed her a little rougher than necessary. But he’d never hit her.

Still, she’d been scared. All the time. The simple truth was, she’d been afraid that he would hit her. And that he wouldn’t stop.

Last night she’d lain awake in the hotel room after the drive from Albuquerque to Phoenix, afraid. Afraid he might come after her to hurt her. Afraid he might call to apologize, to tell her that he’d changed his mind and would meet her in Kona. Both scenarios had kept her from sleeping. She’d been staring at the shadows on the ceiling when her alarm went off at the ungodly hour of five-thirty this morning.

Wake up, babe. Mark slid his hand to the small of her back. His touch, his voice vibrating through her, and the endearment sent tingles through her body. ID time.

She sighed, wishing she really was his babe. So much for women’s lib.

She opened her eyes as Tony led her to one of the TSA agents checking IDs. She handed the woman her passport and boarding pass. A few scribbles later, she was waiting on Tony and Mark to finish the procedure. Standing six foot two with broad shoulders and narrow hips, both men turned women’s heads. Their T-shirts, both white against tanned skin, were tight enough to show off their sculpted biceps. She didn’t have to imagine the six-packs underneath. She’d seen them often enough. Tony was a little darker than Mark—everywhere. Olive complexion. His hair almost black. Mark’s hair and skin were a couple of shades lighter. Their worn blue jeans hugged their hips and asses. Despite the cool Phoenix morning, they both wore sandals. She shivered and stared at her own shoes—brown leather clogs over heavy cotton socks. She couldn’t even wear wool socks to keep her toes warm.

They both had brown eyes, but Mark’s were a caramel brown. Tony’s dark chocolate. Chocolate and warm caramel. Delicious. Her stomach growled. She hadn’t been hungry when they left the hotel, but now she was starving…and not just for food.

When Mark and Tony finished with the agent checking IDs, Hailey purposefully chose a screening line with male agents. Normally, she was only mildly irritated when women flirted with them, but today she was in a hurry to get on the plane, and lack of sleep had made her bitchy. She didn’t want to hang around security while some TSA agent tried to give them her phone number.

She’d seen them accept hastily scrawled numbers as well as business cards, then throw them in the trash when the women were out of sight. It wasn’t that they didn’t date. They did. Although Daniel had told her they were gay and used women as a cover, she didn’t believe it. He’d been angry when he said it, when he’d learned she was going to Hawaii without him and they were going too.

She slipped off her shoes and put them in a gray plastic bin with her purse. Tony helped her off with her jacket and put it in a second bin for her.

Maybe Daniel was right. Maybe they were gay. God knew straight men didn’t help a woman with her coat. But Tony and Mark were always doing things like that for her. Opening doors, even car doors, holding her chair when she sat down. And they didn’t limit their consideration to her. They extended the same courtesies to other women and elderly men. Of course, they’d been raised in Texas like her and her brother.

She wondered if all Texas men still had such old-world manners.

After exiting security, they headed toward their gate, Tony and Mark on either side of her. Both of them rested a hand at the small of her back. The gesture touched her. They’d known her more than twenty-five years. They knew not to talk to her this early in the morning, but somehow they sensed that she needed them close.

I’ll meet you at the gate, Mark said before peeling off to the left.

Tony didn’t miss a step as they continued down the terminal. When they reached their gate, he found a row of empty seats. They sat next to each other, and Tony reached into his backpack and grabbed the USA TODAY he’d picked up in the hotel lobby.

Here you go, he said, placing the newspaper in her hands before draping his arm across the back of her chair.

Hailey’s thank you was heartfelt. He’d even left the sports section intact.

Tony’s grin deepened his dimples and the laugh lines around his dark eyes. I know you’re a bear until after your breakfast and newspaper.

When Mark reappeared five minutes later, she was engrossed in the front page, but not so far gone that she could ignore the scent of bacon he brought with him. He handed her a Styrofoam box and a bottle of orange juice. She opened the box to find a bacon and egg croissant. Her mouth watered. Sure, it was airport food, but it was better than nothing.

Thank you, Mark. You read my mind.

Not too hard with your stomach growling, he teased.

Daniel was right. Mark and Tony were gay. Straight men just weren’t this thoughtful. They didn’t take care of you. You had to take care of them. And she had to admit, she liked a man who took care of her. She’d really resented having to wait on Daniel after working all day. As a grant writer, she worked from her house. She’d learned early on that she had to keep regular hours. Otherwise the temptations at home made it impossible to get any writing done. Daniel thought that since she worked from home, she wasn’t really working. At least, that’s what he’d told her. But even on the rare occasions when she’d been gone all day visiting clients, he’d expected her to wait on him. And it wasn’t give and take. He’d never brought her a drink or fixed dinner or planned dates. She’d done it all. And if she’d asked him to do something for her, he’d complained or ignored her or fucked it up so badly that she’d never asked again.

She inhaled the breakfast sandwich and finished her orange juice while Mark and Tony picked up their bowl game conversation where they’d left off. Hailey would have added her two cents if the Aggies had played a decent season, but they’d gone to the Holiday Bowl and, worse, they’d lost. Instead she started thinking about how good a cup of coffee would taste. Mark and Tony could use some too. In fact, she was surprised Mark hadn’t brought them all coffee when he got her breakfast. She stood and put her newspaper on the seat.

Don’t get up. Already searching for a coffee vendor, she added, I’ll be right back.

Mark hooked a finger in the belt loop on the back of her jeans. When she craned her head over her shoulder so she could see him, he shook his head. No coffee. It’ll keep you awake on the plane.

She snorted. You know I can’t sleep sitting up anyway. If I don’t get my coffee, I’m going to make you miserable. It wasn’t a threat, just a fact. I’ll get y’all some too.

We’ve got three seats in the middle of the plane. You’ll have plenty of room to stretch out.

That won’t be very comfortable for any of us, she protested.

We won’t notice. As for you, one mai tai and you’ll be out, Tony said.

She unhooked Mark’s finger, stepped back and faced them both but directed her comment to Tony. You’re a doctor. You shouldn’t be encouraging me to get drunk.

I’m pragmatic. You need sleep, or we’ll all regret it. And if your brother sees you like this when we get to the house, Mark and I will be out on our butts.

He can’t blame you because I didn’t sleep well.

Yeah, he can, Tony replied. We told him we’d take care of you.

That’s just silly, she said.

Mark picked up her newspaper and raised an eyebrow.

Hailey plopped down in the chair, but before she opened the paper again, she finally added her opinion on their bowl game discussion. Boise had to go into OT to beat Oklahoma. No way did they deserve a shot at number one.

Tony playfully tapped her nose. Yeah, maybe, but I would have liked to see them try.

That was Tony. Always taking the side of the underdog. That was one reason why his patients’ parents loved him.

Hailey blew a long strand of hair out of her eyes. Yeah, maybe.

You’re just pissed that the Aggies lost, Tony said.

She sighed. You have to admit, we’ve had a long, dry spell.

Hey, you beat us this year, Tony said encouragingly, referring to A&M’s win over the Longhorns.

In Austin, Mark chimed in.

Hailey perked up and smiled. Yes, we did, didn’t we?

She opened her paper and didn’t say a word when Mark tried to bait her as he spoke to Tony over the top of her head. Good call. That always shuts ’em up. Works on her brother too.

She pretended to read the paper as she watched Mark out of the corner of her eye. He hadn’t shaved this morning. He might have run his hand through his short brown hair but not a comb. As a result, he had that just-rolled-out-of-bed sex appeal that made her wish she’d been there before he’d rolled out of bed so she could keep him there. Everything about him was sexy, even his straight nose.

Tony, on the other hand, had shaved and combed his hair. But he didn’t look any less sexy. Just made her want to kiss those full lips while her hands mussed his hair. The only things that saved him from being beautiful were his Roman nose and his strong jaw. His hair was a little longer than Mark’s but still above his ears, and a thick strand had fallen over one eye. It didn’t seem to bother him.

Was it any wonder she was in love with both of them? Together they were the perfect man.

She refocused on her paper, finishing the first section just as preboarding began. Real estate ads sprinkled throughout the paper had her once again considering a move from Albuquerque back to Texas. She could write grants anywhere, so finding a job wasn’t a problem. The problem was Mark and Tony. She didn’t want to leave them. But if she didn’t, she would always compare other men to them and, unfortunately, other men came up lacking.

As they waited for their row to be called, she broached the subject with her two best friends. I’ve been thinking about moving back to Texas. She held her breath and watched them intently.

Their eyes widened. Their voices, when they finally spoke, echoed each other. Why?

Because I’m in love with both of you, so I need to get away from you. Nope, couldn’t say that. I kind of want to be close to Nikki and Jake now that I’m going to be an aunt. And you know I hate winter. I can do my job anywhere, and there’s really nothing to hold me in Albuquerque. She swallowed the urge to add except you.

Mark’s gaze narrowed. Does this have anything to do with Daniel?

That was a good excuse. She latched on to it. Maybe a little. He was angry. She hoped he cooled off before she returned from vacation.

Their boarding group was announced. When they had joined the line at the gate, she glanced from Mark to Tony. They were staring at each other. They almost seemed to be speaking without talking.

It’s just a thought, guys. I haven’t made a decision yet.

Have you said anything to Jake? Tony asked.

No. I didn’t want to get his hopes up until I was sure. So don’t say anything to him or Nikki. Okay?

The tension seemed to ease from both of them. Mark smiled slightly. Well, I guess we’ll have to give you a reason not to leave us.

Tony cocked his head and grinned. I’m up for that.

As Hailey walked down the ramp to the plane, her worries about Daniel began to melt away. Her whole body lightened. She’d made the right decision in breaking up with him. Now, she could enjoy her vacation, and by the time she got back to Albuquerque, he’d be over her. He’d probably even have a new girlfriend. With blond hair and blue eyes, he was good-looking, successful and made a charming first impression. She’d just brought out the worst in him after those first few romantic months. They really hadn’t been good for each other.

And Mark and Tony hadn’t pitched a fit that she was considering a move to back to Texas. They might make a few attempts to talk her out of it, but nothing serious.

God, she’d miss them. But she’d get over them. She didn’t have a choice.

As they entered the aircraft, a blast of cold air and friendly flight attendants in aloha shirts with a dark purple floral print greeted them. The video screens pictured a beautiful young woman performing the hula to the sounds of a ukulele. When Hailey scooted down their row in the middle of the plane to her center seat, she pulled her phone from her pocket and turned it off, then slipped it in her purse before settling between Mark and Tony. Both men had aisle seats so they could stretch out their long legs. Hailey stuffed her purse under the seat in front of her and opened the paper again, determined to finish it before the plane took off.

Mark and Tony opened their books. Neither liked to talk above the noise of the jet engines. Their voices were so low, they blended with the engines unless they pitched them several octaves higher.

By the time the plane was taxiing to the runway, Hailey had finished the paper and slipped it into the seatback pocket in front of her. The plane had just leveled off when a female flight attendant appeared beside Tony and handed him a small dark-bottled mai tai and a plastic cup. Tony thanked her, opened the bottle, poured the drink and handed it to Hailey.

Sweet dreams, sunshine, he said.

Don’t hold your breath, she replied wryly.

He flashed his dimples then went back to his book.

Thirty minutes later, Hailey was feeling the alcohol. She reached behind her and tugged the side flaps of the headrest forward to keep her head from flopping around, just in case she managed to sleep. She reclined her seat and closed her eyes. In seven hours, give or take, they’d land in Honolulu then catch a connecting forty-five minute flight to Kona, pick up the rental car and head to the house Jake and Nikki had rented for the month of January. It was the same house they always got near Magic Sands Beach, so in a way, it was like going home. Only difference this time was Nikki’s twentysomething sister, Meredith, would be joining them. Jake, Nikki and Meredith had flown out from Austin yesterday and stocked the kitchen.

With four bedrooms and a one-room guest cottage, the house was huge, plenty of room to get away from everyone. It had a big kitchen, dining room and great room on the second floor with a view over the ocean. That was where everyone liked to hang together. The game and media room on the bottom floor overlooking the pool was also a gathering place, but they didn’t use it as much as the second floor.

Hailey’s head lolled to the side as she imagined bare, warm toes, sunshine and the sound of the waves from the pool’s deck. Turbulence jolted her from her dreams, but she quickly fell back into them. Mark murmured in her ear, but she couldn’t make out his words above the noise of the airplane’s engines. He put his arm around her and eased her down until her head rested in his lap.

Mmmm, he smelled good. No cologne. Just his soap and him.

She wrapped her hands around his thigh and buried her nose in his jeans. She’d only rest here for a few minutes. Then she’d sit up and read or watch the in-flight movie. Maybe an hour. No longer than that.

Tony lifted her legs and slipped her clogs off before laying her feet in his lap. She’d sit up when they brought lunch around. They wouldn’t be able to eat with her sleeping in their laps.

Wake me when they serve lunch, she mumbled against Mark’s leg.

She thought he chuckled. She didn’t care. She was dreaming of fine white sand, warm sunshine and Mark and Tony.

Someone was shaking her shoulder and tickling her ear. She swatted at her ear, and the tickling became words.

Wake up, babe. We’re getting ready to land, Mark said gently.

They couldn’t be landing. They’d just taken off. They hadn’t eaten lunch yet. Breathing in his scent, she snuggled down deeper into Mark’s lap, hugged his thigh tighter and wiggled her toes in Tony’s lap.

Wait. Was something wrong with the plane?

Hailey sat up so fast, the back of her head cracked into Mark. When she swung around to inspect the damage, he was holding his nose. The surprise in his golden-brown eyes and his raised eyebrows would have been comical if she hadn’t been worried about his nose.

I’m so sorry, she said, placing her hand over his. Did I break it? Is it bleeding?

Mark shook his head. No. To prove it, he dropped his hand, revealing his sexy nose.

Hailey petted it. I’m really sorry. Can I kiss it and make it better?

His slow, lazy smile sent her heart tripping. I insist.

She leaned forward, aiming for his nose while staring at his lips. Those lips were like a magnet, and she had to fight not to be drawn into them. She placed a light kiss on his nose. His hand captured the back of her head as she began to pull away.

Not so fast, he murmured. I think you hit my mouth too. And then he brushed his lips against hers.

She held her breath, and her heart about pounded out of her chest. Mark was kissing her. And not a quick brotherly peck. His lips lingered over hers, brushing a spot that warmed her from the inside out and sent tentacles of pleasure to her groin. Her clit tingled. She ached to be filled…by him.

Oh God. Definitely not gay.

His lips moved to her ear. It’s time.

Chapter Two


Time. She jerked back and checked her

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Reader reviews

  • (5/5)
    This is an exceptional book. I loved that it wasn't about gratuitous sex, but a genuine loving relationship. The author also expressed an intelligent, and realistic protrayal of domestic violence. Not all abusers and addicted to drugs or alcohol. They can be anyone, any economic and educational level. And the victims of domestic violence are the same. Such relationships leave scars on everyone, even extended family and friends. We need better laws to actually provide protection for the victims and prosecution for the abusers. An excellent story that I definitely recommend.
  • (4/5)
    This book surprised me. I was expecting fluff but it wasn't. Hailey has just broken up with her boyfriend when she starts a relationship with Mark and Tony, who are old friends. It quickly becomes clear that her ex is violent towards her and the main theme of domestic violence develops. This is a well crafted book and the relationship realistic and fraught with the issues that would come up in this sort of situation.
  • (4/5)
    The threesome already had an established long term friendship. She is single again and the 2 men said the wait was over. She couldn't decide between the 2 ... So she took both! Mystery/drama thrown added in a good way, did not distract from the threesome's relationship. *** SPOILER *** The book would have been so much hotter if the 2 straight men explored the possibility of m/m interaction. Their fist time would have been so hot to read!
  • (2/5)
  • (5/5)
  • (5/5)
    it is wonderful
  • (4/5)
    This book shocked a bit--not so much the content, but the disparate feelings of the two halves. The first half read like an erotic romance. The second half read like a romantic suspense novel. There felt like there was a "seam" in the middle between the two halves with the different paces.Still, this was an enjoyable, sexy. keep-me-up read. I felt invested in what happened to Mark and Tony, although Hailey a little less so. I get that she was hot, but nothing she did in the book spotlighted to me why so many men were absolutely gaga for her. It was the exchanges with the men that kept me reading and reading and reading well past my bedtime.I think the story surrounding Hailey's domestic violence situation was tastefully handled and even a bit stunning with how it was resolved.I did want more from the ending. Hailey moved back to her house and suddenly HEA? Seemed like there needed to be another ten pages there, especially since there was no real resolution (IMO) about what's going on between Tony and Mark.I would totally pick up another Samantha Ann King book. She writes sex really well, and with the amount that was in the book, she did an amazing job at keeping it fresh from one encounter to the next.
  • (5/5)
    Author: Samantha Ann KingPublished By: Carina PressAge Recommended: AdultReviewed By: Arlena DeanBlog For: GMTARating: 5Review:"Sharing Hailey" by Samantha Ann King was good erotic menage romantic read. I will say that I had looked at the title and book's cover several times wondering about this read and I will say I am glad I chose to read it. This author did a wonderful job telling a good story along with the hot sex scenes. "Sharing Hailey" is erotic adult read. Ms.King was able to blend this menage into a story that lead us into domestic abuse in this thrilling suspenseful read. The novel presented some well defined believable characters.. from Hailey, Mark, Tony, Daniel, Nikki, Jake Meredith, Landon and to Beth ...naming a few. Be ready for a storyline that will involve much conflict, romance, love, family, and yes, hot sex. Ms King's title tells part of the story but there was so much more involved in this well written novel. What starts off as a breakup... on to a vacation in Hawaii...well....this is where I say you must pick up "Sharing Hailey" to see what all is shared and by who. There is a lot that goes on in this read, some of it will not be all good I think this author did a good job that will capture and keep your attention.If you are looking for a sweet, sexy menage story with a interestingstoryline ... I would recommend "Sharing Hailey" to you. This is a adult read!
  • (5/5)
    4.5 stars.I'm not going to try to summarize the beginning of Sharing Hailey because the blurb is spot-on. When Mark and Tony reveal their feelings to Hailey, hot sexy times occur. The lush descriptions of Hawaii sets a perfect backdrop as they explore their feelings and hide everything from Hailey's brother, Jake. The author includes a cast of secondary characters and makes every one of them count. They all add to the story and made me want to know more about them as they helped Hailey and the guys keep their blossoming relationship a secret from Jake.

    The "secretly in love with best bud's sister" is one of my favorite tropes and when the big secret was revealed, it gave me everything I was hoping for. If the book had ended there, I would have been satisfied but a deeper, more serious layer was added in. Hailey was operating under the belief that her ex-boyfriend Daniel would just move on after she ended their relationship. She didn't want to see how dangerous he was. When Daniel shows up and threatens her pregnant sister-in-law, their time in paradise is over and Hailey must admit to how abusive her relationship with him was.

    That was one of the most compelling parts of Sharing Hailey. She never saw herself as being abused. He insulted her, he isolated her from her friends, he slammed her into walls but since he never hit her, it wasn't abuse in her mind. Once they are back home, Daniel's rage and violence escalates. Living in a healthy relationship with her guys and meeting an advocate for victims of domestic abuse brings about realizations that were poignant.

    As Hailey takes out a restraining order, her confusion and pain comes through clearly.

    Things like this don't happen to people like me. I'm smart. I've got a college degree and a job. My father didn't beat my mother. This isn't me.

    While this is very much a heroine centered story, Mark and Tony can't be ignored. They share over twenty years of friendship with Hailey and that caring and respect comes across beautifully. They want to wrap her in bubble wrap and keep her safe but know that real life doesn't work that way. Their struggle to protect her while still living their lives in an unconventional relationship made me fall in love with both guys. They don't ignore the tough realities and deal with it all in a realistic way, while still being incredibly hot.

    I loved this book. My only complaint is this is Samantha Ann King's debut novel and she doesn't have a massive backlist for me to dive into. I'm very excited to see what this author does next.