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Waiting for Ty

Waiting for Ty

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Waiting for Ty

4/5 (35 ratings)
157 pages
2 hours
Jul 29, 2013


Book two of Lovers and Friends

Tyler Coil doesn't do men. But it's harder to remember that each time he visits his best friend, gorgeous Landon Burke. As a political reporter, Ty is good at reading people, and he can tell the lust is mutual. But giving in to it could mean alienating his ultra-conservative family.

Landon never desired a man badly enough to explore that side of his sexualityuntil he met Ty. He's waited four long years for a sign that Ty wants him too, and he can't deny his needs much longer. So when a career opportunity arises out-of-state, Landon wonders if maybe it's time to move on.

Then Ty crashes at Landon's while working on a storyand a searing kiss ignites a night of mind-blowing sex that's better than their most erotic fantasies. Forced to face his feelings, Ty must decide if love is worth the risk after allbefore he loses Landon forever.

For more erotic romance from Samantha Ann King, check out Sharing Hailey, available now!

36,000 words
Jul 29, 2013

About the author

USA Today bestselling author Samantha Ann King wrote her first erotic romance in 2010 and entered it in Passionate Ink's Stroke of Midnight Contest. That contest win led to the ultimate writing goal--publication--in 2011. Her first novel was nominated for RT’s Reviewers’ Choice Award. Samantha enjoys helping her characters find their happily ever after, even when they resist.

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Book Preview

Waiting for Ty - Samantha Ann King


Chapter One

I don’t do men. Standing outside Landon’s second-floor apartment, Ty silently chanted the phrase. It was the truth. He’d never done a man. Not in real life. Only in dreams. And that didn’t count unless the all-mighty, all-powerful, all-judgmental they learned what he was thinking.

Fat chance.

Hi. The voice startled him, and he snapped his head over his shoulder. Can I help you? A woman about his age, pretty with dark brown hair and eyes, dressed in jeans and a lightweight blue sweater, waited for his answer. One hand was fisted on her hip. The other clutched the strap of her purse.

No, thanks. I’m good, Ty said.

Her lips tightened into a thin line, and her eyes narrowed. You’re that friend of Landon’s.

Um. Yeah. We’re friends.

I’m his neighbor, Yvonne. She sounded belligerent, almost as if she were issuing a warning. Except that didn’t make any sense.

He shook it off and extended his hand, flashing his brightest smile. Hi, I’m Tyler Coil.

Her grip was firm. Everyone around here likes Landon. She didn’t return his smile. Not good.

He’s a nice guy, Ty said.

Yes, he is. Her disdainful stare raised his hackles. He definitely wasn’t imagining it. What the fuck? She didn’t even know him. What was her problem?

Well, it was nice to meet you, he said, anxious to get rid of her.

She didn’t respond in kind. Just nodded and unlocked the door next to Landon’s. His sigh of relief was interrupted when she paused as if she were going to say something. She sucked in her lips and gave a slight shake of her head before entering her apartment and firmly closing the door behind her.

What the hell was that about?

He lifted his hand to knock but hesitated and stuffed it back in his jacket pocket. Staring at the peeling white paint on Landon’s door, he resumed the mental argument that Yvonne had interrupted. Maybe he should stay in a hotel. They could meet for drinks and catch the game in a bar. In the privacy of Landon’s apartment, he was liable to do something he’d regret.

For four years he’d been fighting their unnatural attraction. The worst part was Landon felt it, too. He’d never said anything, but part of Ty’s job as a reporter was reading people’s emotions, their tells. He might not understand everything about his friend, but he did know Landon had feelings for him. Feelings beyond the usual male-bonding stuff. Thank God no one else had figured it out. It sucked living in two different cities. But it was safer, too.

Damn it. He didn’t want to catch up in a noisy, crowded bar. They hadn’t seen each other since Christmas at Landon’s sister’s home. Nikki was a mother hen, and on holidays she made certain that all those who couldn’t be with family celebrated with hers. So it had been as crowded and noisy as any bar.

Taking a deep breath, he knocked and waited. It was just one night. Maybe two. He could hold it together that long.

The door opened. Ty swallowed at the sight of Landon, all six and a half feet of him, decked out in his running gear. His golden-blond hair was pulled back in a rubber band, something he only did when he ran or lifted weights. His pale blue eyes would have looked like ice if his smile hadn’t been so warm.

Hey, come on in. They clasped hands and did the one-armed man hug. It’s good to see you.

Ty didn’t want to let go, wanted to bury his nose in Landon’s neck, fill his lungs with his scent and let it wash over him and seep into his skin so he could take it back to Austin with him. Instead, he awkwardly stepped away and dropped his hand. Thanks for letting me crash here.

Not a problem. I want to get a run in before the game. Are you in?

Yeah, that was what he needed. Expend all that sexual energy. A run would leave him too tired for inappropriately lustful thoughts, much less acting on them. It was exactly what he needed.

Chapter Two

I don’t do men. Those four little words rolled around inside Landon’s head like balls in a bingo cage as he stared at the flickering images on TV. Enough repetition and he might believe them. But he’d have better luck convincing himself that Ty didn’t do men. Because the man sitting across the room on the other tan leather recliner loved women. And women loved Ty.

Yes! Ty shouted and jumped out of the chair, pumping a fist in the air. Three points!

Landon snapped out of his fantasies. What the fuck?

Damn, he didn’t even know what the score was. He glanced at the upper left-hand corner of the screen. Texas had a narrow lead. Taking a long draw of his beer, he stared hard at the forty-two-inch flat screen and tried to follow the basketball game. That run this morning hadn’t done a damn thing to curb his libido. After five miles, the last thing on his mind should be sex. Well, maybe not the last thing, but it sure as hell shouldn’t be at the top. Maybe if he drained another couple of bottles he’d be numb, oblivious to his feelings for his best friend. Maybe then he’d be able to focus on the game.

Unfortunately, Ty’s fingers caught his attention. The man had the sexiest damn hands. Big, strong. Small white scars crisscrossed the backs, contrasting with his tanned skin. And Landon had memorized every single one. Just the thought of those hands wrapped around his cock the way they were wrapped around the sweating longneck made his jeans shrink a size or two.

He fidgeted like a schoolboy overdue for recess as Ty sat back down on the worn leather and brought the bottle to his lips. His throat worked as he swallowed, drawing Landon’s attention to the strong column of his neck and the dark, scruffy two-day beard framing his mouth. His white T-shirt with the Longhorn logo stretched across the chest emphasized Ty’s tan, which seemed to be permanent. Winter or summer, he had it. Probably from all those years working on his family’s ranch.

Ty lowered the bottle to rest on his denim-clad thigh then turned his attention to Landon. Looks like they’ll be going to the Big Dance again this year.

Landon quickly focused on the TV so Ty didn’t catch him staring. A commercial touting the academic strength of The University of Texas flashed across the screen.

Yeah. Looks that way, Landon agreed, but it was next to impossible to talk intelligently about basketball when he was lusting after his friend.

Ty nodded toward a stack of boxes in the corner of the living room. You need some help packing this weekend?

No, thanks. Just have the kitchen and a few clothes left. Shouldn’t take too long. I’ll wait until Thursday to finish it up.

The commercial ended, and Ty turned back to the TV. Landon drained his beer and stared over Ty’s shoulder at the sliding glass door, which led to a small balcony. A wind-whipped rain had started about an hour after they’d returned from their run. That and the thunder and lightning created a false sense of intimacy in the apartment, as if they were the only two people in the world. Or at least in Houston.

Man, he had to shake this off.

You want another one? he asked as he tilted the mouth of his bottle toward Ty.

Yeah. Thanks.

Landon crossed the room and took the bottle from him, careful not to touch his fingers. A couple more steps took him to the galley kitchen. It was only big enough for one person, but that would change next weekend. After eight years of living like a poor college student while drawing a scientist’s salary, he’d finally saved enough to buy his own place, mortgage-free. A seventh-floor condo near the medical center.

The glass clinked when he tossed the empties in the garbage under the sink. He grabbed the cordless phone on the bar between the kitchen and dining room. The first half of the game would end in about thirty minutes. If he called for pizza now, it would arrive just in time.

After ordering Ty’s favorite, a thick crust with every kind of meat, no veggies, he opened the refrigerator door and stood there a moment, letting the air cool his skin. He placed his hand over the fly of his jeans and pushed his cock around, trying to readjust to a more comfortable position. Unfortunately he couldn’t find one. He gave up and hooked the necks of two bottles in the crooks of his fingers.

When he returned to the living room, Ty had kicked off his tennis shoes and raised the footrest of the recliner. He had one arm behind his head, stretching his shirt across his chest and biceps and exposing a narrow strip of skin just above the faded waistband of his jeans. A tan line delineated his abs. Dark above, light below.

As Landon imagined what lay below the pale skin and behind the frayed denim, he licked his lips, and his feet stuttered. No good could come of that kind of speculation, so he wrenched his gaze away and focused on the tube while thrusting the beer at Ty. Then he wove his way between the couch and the rickety coffee table he’d rescued from the side of the road in college. Back at his recliner, he sat on the gray duct tape that hid the split down the middle. His sisters were going to have a field day once he got moved. They’d been hounding him for years to let them decorate the place. He’d put them off, promising they could channel their inner Nate Berkus when he moved someplace permanent. The electronics were the only new stuff in his apartment. TV, computer, sound system. The essentials.

Landon managed to catch a few minutes of the game before he surreptitiously peered at Ty between half-closed lids. Clean-cut, dark brown hair, strong jaw. The Marlboro Man had nothing on Tyler Coil. Landon’s hand tightened around the cool, damp beer bottle. One thing for sure. Jacking off in the shower after their run hadn’t helped any. If anything, it had made things worse. Because while he’d been stroking his cock, he’d been visualizing Ty’s hands on him, Ty’s slick, nude body pressed against the shower’s fiberglass wall, his muscular legs spread, his—

A triumphant shout interrupted his daydreams. He swallowed hard and turned his attention back to the game. Again.

Finally, halftime began. They ignored the talking heads who were recapping other games.

How’s work? Ty raised his beer. He tipped his head back to drink, and the bottle kissed his lips.

Landon bit back a groan. This was gonna be a long damned weekend if he didn’t get a grip.

When Ty set the bottle on his thigh again, he looked at Landon and tilted his head expectantly.

Shit. Ty had asked him a question. What was it?

Oh. Right. Work. Landon forced his gaze to the tube as he answered. Good. They’ve asked me to go to Albuquerque to help start up a new lab.

Ty didn’t speak for a few beats, and Landon risked a glance at him. Yep, the announcement had

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What people think about Waiting for Ty

35 ratings / 5 Reviews
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Reader reviews

  • (4/5)
    I always love a friends to lovers story and in this case, the friends are Ty and Landon. They explored the unknown together after fighting their feelings for years. After a 2 month break, they work through their feelings and join as a couple. I know the closed minds are out there but my feelings are as long as people are happy..I don't care who they choose. Great short read.
  • (4/5)
    Nice story about two friends who become lovers. Both guys were straight but identified as bi even though they were obviously waiting for each other. The sex was sweet and sexy and at times quite steamy. The emotions of each guy were well written and for a little bit pretty sad until they came to the realisation that they're much happier together. Although this was the second in the series I didn't feel as if I lost too much information in order to enjoy this as a stand alone. I would probably read it again sometime in the future and will definitely look for more by this author.ARC provided by Netgalley.
  • (3/5)
    This hot little GFY number was just what I needed last night, after a very emotional (but excellent) read.

    Ty doesn't do men, Landon doesn't either, but they seem to be in love with each other. Landon doesn't care what anyone else thinks, but Ty is from a very religious, old values family, and was worried about what the relationship would do to his own with his family, so he runs. After one VERY hot night, he tells Landon that it can't happen again, and they don't speak for two months.

    I would have liked to have seen a bit more of what happened during those two months, instead of just cutting to Ty deciding enough already, he missed his best friend, his lover, and I would have liked it better if Landon hadn't been quite so welcoming when Ty finally got his head out of his ass. Make him grovel, just a little bit, the guy fucked and ran, and didn't contact you for months! Where's your dignity?

    But it was a short and kinda smutty, and just what I needed to help me sleep last night, so job well done.
  • (3/5)
    I didn't read book 1 in this series. Truth is I didn't know this wasn't a stand alone. But I don't think it mattered much.

    Waiting for Ty deals with two best friends coming to terms with their hidden/suppressed sexual inclinations. Both Ty and Landon are bisexual and are attracted to each other since they met 4 years ago, however, they ignore their feelings for fear of being rejected. A game night and a few beers change that, and after an unforgettable night, Ty decides to cool their friendship off in hopes that this was a passing thing between them.

    After two months and realizing Landon is the one for him, Ty reaches out. But now the challenge changes and their families are the new obstacle.

    I very much enjoyed this story, even though there want anything new or different than other M/M coming to terms romances in it. It is well written and I really felt the anger and frustration from both Ty and Landon about their situation. I do wish it had more substance and flesh.

    Thank you NetGalley and CarinaPress for this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

    3.5 stars
  • (2/5)
    This book was overall kind of odd. It will appeal to people who like romance whether they are good or not, but it wasn't a positive relationship. The power balance was way off, not in a good way, and the characters weren't really allowed to react to things naturally. "Optimism" became "maximum passivity," and "pessimism" became "cruel lack of consideration." Ty wasn't even remotely likeable, and the author skipped over the part where we would learn why they actually worked together. So read it for the sex scenes (which were pretty generic).