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You Are the Universe

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"Infinite happiness, infinite provision, and infinite flourishing—all these are included in your original being. Your true self can only live brightly and exuberantly. Your true self can only be happy, healthy, and alive with energy. You are originally filled with deep and abundant love and compassion. Your true self is by nature perfectly free, and knows no such word as ‘impossible.’ This is who you really are. Until now, nearly all of your consciousness may have been oriented toward pain, sorrow, and unhappiness. But you can completely reorient your thinking so that it is entirely attuned to the infinite divine light, love, and power of the universe. Step by step, you will be enlivened and guided forward by the bright, positive energy surging forth from within you. The elements that constitute a bright lifestyle will naturally be drawn toward you, and they will take shape in your future."

For many years, the words of Masami Saionji have been a source of inspiration to people all over the world. "You Are the Universe" is her most fundamental work, compiled from a series of essays that awaken us to our inherent divinity and the infiniteness that is within us.

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