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Schizophrenia or Spirit Possession

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While working as a medium over the past 35 years, I have met many people who thought they were mentally ill because they were hearing voices. There are people who will live their lives taking drugs they don't need, because the medical profession don't believe people's brain can be affected by discarnate spirit. There are other causes for hearing voices and having mood swings etc. Like the side effects when taking medication and certain illness's. When these have been eliminated then there can be only one cause.
Scientists study the brain looking for abnormalities to explain the voices when the problem is from another source, the spirit world. The criteria for diagnosing Schizophrenia is discussed and found inconclusive and it can be seen that if medical science was right. Then anyone who is in touch with the spirit world, including mediums and psychics are either Schizophrenic, Bi-polar of have Multiple personality disorder.
The brain is like a receiver, it receives information from external sources through senses such as sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.
There is another sense called the sixth sense. This information is received in the brain in the same way as the physical sense except there is no physical presence to the sensations received. This can lead to conflicting and often confusing information that the conscious cannot process correctly as it has no relationship to the physical world.
If we consider the brain as the receiver and the conscious as the physical then the subconscious is the spiritual part of our reality.
The energy that is life is spiritual, which is where the mind resides and where we store all the knowledge and experiences of our existence. When we remember something we are accessing our mind, much like a computer does the hard drive, to bring the memory to the consciousness.
Like a computer that has access to the internet the brain has access via the mind to the spiritual reality. Unfortunately like a computer which can be affected by a virus the brain can also be affected by other minds in the spirit world. The brain doesn't always recognise the location the information is coming from and so will accept it as genuine. It's only by tuning the receiver or brain that we learn to recognise the correct location. There can be times when the information received is coming from a malevolent source, this can lead to misconceptions about what is and isn't right.
This book explores the problems the lack of understanding regarding the brain and the mind causes people who are misdiagnosed with a mental illness such as schizophrenia which is not a disease. Yet 1% of the world population is misdiagnosed every year, that's 51 million each year. According to the National Institute for Mental Health.

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