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Competitive Stupid

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The denizens of the Snake Pit started reacting to shadows as if a drug-induced paranoia had taken hold, calling in favors from IT to inquire if their extension had been connected to the electronic recordation system and looking up for haphazardly reset ceiling tiles. It was a corporate downsizing free-for-all and no one wanted to be left standing when the music stopped. This darkly comic tale, entitled Competitive Stupid, is set in Occupy Wall Street era Corporate America, in which an insular segment of senior management, having foolishly named their core group with an acronym that forms the word C.O.V.E.N., has been burdened with the task of releasing one third of its work force.

Senior management’s initial cockiness regarding their ability to control the rumor mill while simultaneously poking at the hive quickly spirals into a disorienting dread. Previously peaceable colleagues devolve into hostile and combative survivalists as everyone’s egregious personality defects begin to surface in desperation and without constraint. Management willfully engages in the most Machiavellian of machinations designed to sway the collective to their favor but rather than producing the desired result of acquiescence, their strategic manipulations do nothing more than inflict a devastating impact on morale. The damage wrought on the corporate underclass ripples throughout the organization creating a subversive, dysfunctional working environment rife with traitors, passive-aggressively expressed retribution and psychosomatic illness. Management is composed of more than its fair share of surface dwellers, i.e., those whose depth of insight floats at the level of a Saturday morning cartoon. They are incapable of making the distinction between the disingenuous snake who takes information gleaned from a private conversation and offers it up as a weapon of vocational destruction, and a solid workhorse whose value to the company is incalculable. Let the games begin!

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