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The Acts of Angels

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Alone in a world of uncharted possibilities, devoid of religion, faith, rules or rituals, a boy begin to forge close friendship with entities from another world. He maintained the relationships and constant contact with angels after his brief voyages to Heaven. They act upon his requests and spring to action at his beckon call. With this seemingly non-fiction spiritual premise that started through the innocent impulse of a child, Charles exposes the duality of human nature itself: The eternal divide between Heaven and earth, mind and soul, spirit and corporal body. The Act of Angels reveals and explained the essential activities of angels on earth. How they reach out to humans, watch over us and render help to individuals in times of need. Many people have attested to the existence of help from above, but this book uncovered more details of Heaven’s direct intervention using angels for different but specific assignment. The Acts of Angels is a good read for everyone who desires to know about God and the activities of angels in our individual lives and the world as a whole.

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