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The Accidental Pervert

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The Accidental Pervert is the debut work of British erotic author D B Halliday. Containing sexual content, and explicit scenes, the story follows Danny, an ordinary guy, who is fighting against the ebbing tides of a struggling marriage, desperate to reverse the damage, and sexual stagnation caused by everyday stresses to the life he shares with Amy, a petite redhead with whom he is still completely in love, even after ten years.

Danny's world is thrown into turmoil when, for a brief moment, he succumbs to sexual frustration and curiosity when his wife's friend, Chloe shows herself to him, then catches him in the throws of pleasure, pulling him into an inescapable web of blackmail and humiliation as retribution for spying on her.

Danny does his best to push back against Chloe's dark advances, and his own dormant sexual desires as guilt, and a driving desire to repair his ailing union with Amy take over him.

Will he break free of Chloe's control? Will he and Amy rekindle their spluttering relationship? Can his life ever return to the normality and intimacy he craves?

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