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The Star Doors

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Beatariel was invented as a thinking program for a highly advanced galactic culture in the ancient galactic past of this galaxy. It was assigned a Pripican master named Ceres, and given the monumental task of solving a phantom matter singularity problem that threatened to collapse the star Yat into a black hole. It has now been a thousand Earth years, and Beatariel still has no solution to the problem. Since then the planet Caleb has been transformed from a sub-zero freezing planet into a warm world with a modern colony of Pripican, Nephrican, and Doldorian aliens from the ancient 2nd Age galactic culture known as Nephapricus. Beatariel is not alone in this impossible task. Intelligent life from the planet’s sub-zero past called Calabites have survived and adapted to the warmer world. These Calabites have provided a body for Beatariel the bodiless thinking program, who now wears a trademark quanta-nanocoded star-covered robe over its Calabite body, and has now long been known as the Wizard of Caleb. Beatariel also has other thinking program friends to help it save the 15 stars of the galactic culture from being devoured by the gravity hole of a hungry newly born black hole.

The galactic culture of Nephapricus at the time of this story in the last thousand Earth years has proceeded from 1st Phase hyper-acceleration spacecraft to the new faster-than-light warp fusion spacecraft, and the effects of .6 times the speed of light on evolving DNA into galactic DNA was now becoming a coveted secret of elite Eagolim that deprived the terrestrial Negolim life from this secret to evolution. At the time of this story the 2nd Age galactic culture has spread to all 15 stars of the original cluster, and in order to stop it all from going down the drain of the ultimate catastrophe, Beatariel must harness the energy of all 15 stars in order to move the phantom matter singularity out of this universe to be safely tucked away in some cozy warp dimensional cranny. That amazing feat will require the creation of the Star Doors. It remains obvious that this problem has not been solved yet because the famous Wizard, Beatariel is trying to keep its precious source of exotic elements. Meanwhile an entity from beyond this universe has other plans for the infant potential black hole, and the entity’s tentacles of influence have made their way into the three alien cultures who were the first Nephapricans. Now secret societies controlled by the entity have sprung up, which are hell-bent on delivering the entire thriving galactic culture into the jaws of the devourer of stars.

DD White returns in the book, The Star Doors, to the 2nd Age of Magphoreus in order to tell the tale of these legendary warp dimensional wormhole generators that united all 15 original stars of the greatest galactic culture known to exist in this galaxy. It has been a thousand Earth years since the mad scientist named Prospero first created the phantom matter singularity, only to die before being able to do anything about it. Now Beatariel, his remaining thinking program, has stayed on Caleb to solve this problem. The singularity however, has a ring of exotic highly evolved elements that was created when it swallowed matter to strip it of all phantom matter with the actual matter expelled from the poles to settle in a ring around its invisible equator. These elements have made Beatariel the famous Wizard of the Citadel, and it remains to be seen if Beatariel will give that up to finally rid the galactic empire of the black hole threat. This book also includes illustrations in each chapter by the author.

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