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Tails From the Front Lines

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Soldiers go through boot camp, which teaches them discipline and how to fight. Then, they learn a specialty which hones those skills. While no one can be totally prepared for battle, the military does the best they can to help soldiers react instinctively to threats.

Unfortunately, soldiers aren’t re-trained to go home. Brains are amazing computers. They adapt to our environment and write “programs” which help us to survive.
In the case of battle-hardened veterans, those programs are still in place and running.

Survival instincts honed on the field of battle can be dangerous for them and innocent bystanders. A dog can provide comfort, unconditional love, and non-
judgmental support when a vet needs help readjusting to the civilian world.

TADSAW trains and pairs service dogs with vets so they can re-enter society with less stress and a partner at their side. Many of these animals came from shelters where they would have been euthanized. In the end, both animal and warrior are saved.

In these pages our authors present stories about the bond between warriors and their canine friends. Pull up a chair and share as they tell their tales.

A portion of proceeds from sales of Tails From the Front Lines will be donated to TADSAW.

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