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Out of Place

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‘I say to you, Dana, come prepared to enjoy yourself. That’s the only way this will work...’ When, finally, Dana Novotny turns her back on her own career to join her husband Dekker on a company camp in Saudi Arabia, she smothers her apprehension with the conviction that she is doing the right thing.
Dekker needs her, she tells herself, and this is only a temporary caesura in her museum career as well as an opportunity to explore a fascinating part of the world. It is also a chance to see if she can paint something worthwhile away from the dominating influence of her artist father. It is the brave new world of the Sixties when anything is possible. What harm can there be in taking six months, a year perhaps, as timeout? And it is, after all, her choice.
But she is totally unprepared for the harsh reality of her new environment and its restrictions, for the frustration and unhappiness she will uncover and for the predicament in which she finds herself. On the one hand she tries to support her friends, on the other she is blind to the traps she herself is falling into.
Out of Place is an intense psychological drama about trying to live up to expectations – a story of the intimate lives of ordinary people, their passions, secrets and all-too-human frailties.

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