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The Sentinel

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Elizabeth Jordan’s story continues in The Sentinel, the second installment of The Celestial Series.

Pregnant with a child of prophecy, Elizabeth Jordan knows the opposition is determined to thwart the restoration of order. Amid the excitement of their wedding preparations, Beth and Sam grapple with protecting the child by keeping its true mission a secret for as long as possible- and Lucifer is not easy to fool.

While her wedding to Sam is a source of deep joy, Beth’s happiness is compromised by unresolved feelings for the child’s biological father, the same archangel charged with the mission to fulfill the prophecy. He has withdrawn to the realm to marshal angelic reinforcements in a decisive bid to protect the child.

While Beth deals with an increasingly complicated pregnancy, she continues to adjust to her role as a prophetess, whose visions manifest mostly in dreams that torment her with a malevolent presence. She knows there will be a reckoning- but lives with the knowledge that if she cannot defeat this enemy, the consequences are eternal.

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