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Little Wolf

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Some men are born to protecting others while most are not. Some are called to it while others choose a different path to walk. Samuel Swift Crow is both, born and called to protect those who need it and one rain soaked night on a deserted Island off the Maine coast he must put all of his deadly skills and assets to the test to prevent a vile covenant from taking place. The former NAVY SEAL must step in to save the lives of a woman and her daughter from a malevolent beast and the ancient pact of evil that threatens to kill both of the ladies. From the start to the end this short story is a fast ride for the reader pulling them along with a slick modern focus. Can Swift Crow save the mother and child you ask? Will read on and see if courage and perseverance can win the day.

This is a stand-alone short story from the creative imagination of R. Kane.

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