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The Power of Love

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What is love? This question defies any easy answer. All of us have been in love, have been loved, have shared love, but what exactly this feeling is, is difficult to put into words. Like we can experience sweet or salty without being able to put it into words, except to say that it is something we like, something pleasurable, something nice, something that make us feel good, so too, with love. We can feel it deeply in our hearts, our souls and in our beings, but defining it is difficult.
Love is easily the most powerful emotion known to mankind. Love is the fuel that runs the world. Without love, this world and this life would seem like a desert, would be nothing less than a graveyard. Love has the power to get anything done. People are known to sacrifice their entire lives, their money, and their material assets, for the sake of love. People are known to fight and kill, for the sake of love. And love is not only about the romantic love between man and woman—it is multifaceted. Love includes and encompasses bonding and affection between man and woman, between mother and child, between siblings, between children and their parents, between friends, between colleagues, between neighbors, between any two human beings. And not only humans, love can be, and should be with animals, plants, trees, mountains—basically, the aim of life is to develop love for everything in this Universe. Why? Because everything in this Universe is a creation of God, and what better way to love God, than by loving his creations? If you don’t love his creations, you cannot love God. It is as simple as that.
With this in mind, I have compiled this book, which contains 101 quotes on the subject of love. These quotes have been made by individuals who achieved name and fame in some field or the other. Religions people, famous people, business people, political people, actors, writers, philosophers, enlightened beings, and quotes from scriptures like the Bhagwad Geeta and the Bible.
I am certain that after reading the 101 quotes on love, no human being can remain unchanged. He or she will surely become more loving, more humane, more kind, more compassionate, and more open and tolerant. That is the final aim of the book—to raise the consciousness of those who read it, and to create a better world

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