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The Cat's Last Meow
The Cat's Last Meow
The Cat's Last Meow
Ebook98 pages1 hour

The Cat's Last Meow

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Being a vet, Dr. Heidi Knack already has trouble with disorderly patients and their overbearing owners. But when the beloved cat of a miserly old man is poisoned, it’s up to Heidi to find out who did it. As she’s desperately trying to save her license and appease her best paying patient, she stumbles upon another victim—this time a human. It’s murder, mystery, and mayhem—can she solve the case before she’s the next victim?

Release dateDec 2, 2012
The Cat's Last Meow
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Mandy Broughton

Mandy Broughton is a nerdy girl who loved school (M.A. in Clinical Psychology and M.A. in Christian Education). But as much as she loved school, she loves reading more. She usually has a book in her hand and two more in a bag. And she won't buy a purse unless it has a special pocket for her kindle. She gravitates towards mysteries, science fiction and historical novels but the Bible is her passion. For the record, while it is true she has spent more money on books than groceries, it only happened once. And due to the great invention of peanut butter sandwiches, her husband did not starve that month.

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