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Through The Trees~ The poetic end to a toxic relationship

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Written from personal experiences, this poetry book truly captures the occurrence of verbal and emotional abuse, in relationships experienced by someone in a relationship with a person who has a personality disorder. It is a collection of poetry based on the grief encountered when that relationship ends. The nature based metaphors are designed to reach a wide array of readers and apply to the loss of any type of relationship. From spouse, to sibling, to parent, or friend, these writings will hit home with all. It is a truly inspired collection of work. It relates with the heartache of the loss but also uplifts and inspires. This poetry takes the reader through a realm of emotions and leaves them at the ends with the courage to move on.

From the back of the book:

Take a walk through the trees, a poetically written journey of nature and metaphor. Experience a wilderness that comes alive with a hauntingly enchanting spirit. We all have, or will, experience the heartache at the end of a relationship. It could be with a friend, a love, or even someone from our own family. We grieve all the same. This humble book of poetry is a journey of healing. Each chapter represents a stage of grief. The writer touches the hurting soul in a most compassionate way with artful words that are deeply vulnerable and true to the experience of loss.

Challenge yourself to deep self reflection as you take a journey through denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and finally acceptance. May you find your way out of the woods and finally be able to see the forest through the trees.

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