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Veiled Destiny

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The most important fact about Ehla’s life has been hidden from her.
Ehla is beautiful and intelligent, but she lives a sheltered life at her father’s estate in the mountains of Pakistan. Her quiet world is shattered when her father’s friends arrive with their son, who brings with him a mysterious stranger. Ehla fears an arranged marriage, but the truth lies far beyond her imagination.
Asfand remembers Ehla, though she has forgotten him. He is determined to outwit Ehla’s father and will do anything to reclaim what is rightly his.
To protect their honor and achieve their hearts’ desires, Ehla and Asfand must confront her father, tradition, and one another. Victory can come only through repentance and forgiveness.

This contemporary romance will appeal to readers looking for exotic romance and family drama. It examines how tribal culture affects women’s issues in South Asia.

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