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Murder Mysteries #5

392 pages5 hours


A bored, disgraced ex senator decides to clear his name by writing an autobiography. His fellow cronies take issue with his publication. Is it murder or suicide? Marshall Stacy Foreham has to sort through the political tangles to discover the truth. Secondly, we have a murder of a university professor who has received tenure under questionable circumstances. The suspects are many including his live-in partner. The third story is a short novel involving a psychopathic murderer who has his own method of a 401 K plan: A 243 W rifle to put the fear of God into high profile workers who need to retire making room for others. The killer battles wits via e-mail playing tag with Marshall Stacy. This case borders on a serial killer in the making. The last story involves a power lifter who is murdered by a barbell across the throat in a health club. The case leads the team of investigators from one fitness center to another with drugs and other illegal activities happening.

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