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Whispering Heart

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Have you ever heard a whisper gently cascade down your nape before? Do you remember how beautiful your eyes shone, how passionate you felt within, how you wished this generous feeling will never escape from the walls of your heart?

‘Whispering Heart’ is what you need to arouse those beautiful sentiments of how it feels when love whispers solemnly, exquisitely and joyously in your heart. The breath, the cadence of words passionately and intricately woven to fill your soul with ripples of joy, sated delight and a new found serenity in the prose of your heart.

This collection of poems, well versed with hues of golden literary devices lying in the bosom of words genuinely crafted and beautifully moulded like a piece of art which transcends, warm hearts, brings smile upon faces, spread the gales of love, touch the cords of the soul and show the essence and beauty of love boldly scripted on white scrolls.

When poets join their ink, they paint different ribbons of beauty which flows elegantly together like silent heaves of the waves of the sea when night falls and the pale moon shows its strength and brilliant of her resplendent rays.

As John Keats wrote in one of his poems “Endymion” ‘A thing of Beauty is a joy forever’ one of these things is ‘Whispering Heart’ a bundle of joy and wealth for words elevate beyond all measures, the worth of words is for those who believe in the existence of beauty and I know you do.

Let’s breath in the warmth of love as we read poetry doused in perfume whispering in our hearts

P.K Freitas
(Kodwo Hybrid)

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