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Scattergun: A Reckoning in Two Acts

61 pages55 minutes


Scattergun—A Reckoning in Two Acts.
A young man with a fractured mind is wandering the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, moving in random flashes from Amarillo north into Kansas on his drift west toward the Rocky Mountains, taking lives without reason or remorse.
A Texas lawman hunts the killer, relying on his kinetic sensory insight, an exceptional capacity that pulls him into crime scenes, seeing the killer through the chromatic lens of the victim.
Scattergun is not spectacle of blood and gore; it is a tableau of the dark side, in a land that bears no promise of living. Set during the Second World War in the rural west, this short work is a depiction of the indifference our species can have to the brutal constituents of the human condition.
Scattergun will drag you along the rough-hewn edge of violence, where only an uncommon paladin can capture an unpredictable killer.
Short Fiction - 15,000 words

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