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Nearly all Americans in our past worshiped God to give thanks for the creation of our country and for its great blessings. Through Obama’s leadership and influence, God’s name now has been cast out and unwelcome from many institutions in America. How far will these exclusions go; perhaps to the point of total exclusions and even persecution? This U.S. war on Christians grows more ominous each day.

Does not evil and persecution left unchecked become more acceptable and normal; does it not often lead to tyranny? How can evil be recognized and judged in a society not influenced by the respect for God’s creation? Will Obama’s influence create a condition that one day will cause Christians and Jews to flee to the wilderness as they escape the Abomination of Desolation when the beast sits on the thrown in Jerusalem? Christians are now being attacked in every segment of our American society. The foundation of our society, and perhaps existence, is fast eroding. The ‘War on Christianity’ is a war on America. If Christianity falls, America falls with it.

The evildoers in the world have already set examples of what the world is like without God and Christianity guiding their course. In many countries even the mention of God and Christianity brings harassment and exclusion. In the more intolerant cultures and nations, the mention of God and Christ brings instant death. Will America one day join the attitudes of those Godless and intolerant nations; or will America return to its founding course to the acceptance and guidance of God’s graceful and loving hand? Presently, we are not on that course. This book explains how and why.

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