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A Classified Christmas

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Santa Claus is getting ready for another Christmas, another night he bends space and time, another night he travels at the speed of light to deliver hundreds of thousands of presents worldwide. But there's a big problem: a massive solar flare will erupt that same night. In a panic, Santa reaches out to the United States Government to confirm his prediction that the flare will disrupt his generators and destroy the Earth. Are his calculations correct? Should he scrap his 2012 Christmas run, leaving the Earth without presents for the first time? Will NASA help him? Santa demands the services of a famous theoretical physicist, but in return for delivering him, NASA wants access to his secret facility and his advanced technology. Santa reluctantly agrees, and the result is a group of Americans that includes The President of the United States travelling to Santa's subterranean complex deep below the Saskatchewan wilderness, where they encounter hot-tempered elves, a vast labyrinth of manufacturing miracles, and the best homemade chocolate brownies on Earth. Christmas will never be the same.

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