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Taken: Part Five: Tsunami

63 pages54 minutes


The big wheels are still turning; and mile-by-mile, the rig continues toward Ryan’s new home as Jeb’s permanent slave... In the aftermath of Clifford’s death, Ryan is perplexed by the situation in which he finds himself entangled. With a clear warning from Nate and Mabon, Jeb speeds away from Tucson with his foot on the gas pedal, which attracts some unwanted attention. Challenging Jeb and taking an unexpected leap toward freedom, Ryan sets off a chain of events that leads the captive to realize that Jeb is already in his head. And when a tsunami washes over Ryan, things will never be the same for the young jock. This dark fantasy contains: heavy bondage, chastity, dominance, submission, abduction, discipline, sports gear and other elements of male on male bonding. Novella is approximately 14,300 words.

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