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Voices from the Old Earth

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"Behold, this dreamer cometh . . . let us slay him . . . and we shall see what will become of his dreams.”

Six travelers across time encounter a mysterious city, and are forever changed. Is it a place of illusion, a hidden dream, or a path to redemption?

A star warrior goes into the city on a planet where souls disappear. A healer sings the songs in his heart but to his village he is a demon--he seeks the walled city of his dreams as sanctuary. A modern physicist looks at the city as a world of high towers, filled with corruption, where power and money are gods. A young Chinese couple fear imminent attack by marauders and escape into the desert and mountains to find the crystal city they believe is their refuge.

For Enya, the narrator, the city was once a utopia. It is lost to her, a place that now appears to her only in visions when she listens to cylinders of ancient music. Within the music are songs, voices from many dimensions, the others telling her their stories. Her life becomes intertwined with theirs and the borders of time shift.

Who is she, the voices ask?

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