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Anunnaki: The Greatest Story Never Told, Book 1, Gods, Gold and Genes

652 pages13 hours


Four hundred thousand five hundred years ago Homosaurs came to Earth to mine for gold, which they desperately needed to save their planet, Nibiru. During its long orbit around the Sun it suffered from extreme global warming, so the gold was needed to make a heat shield. They landed in the 'now' Persian Gulf, where they set up their colony in a place they built, called Eridu. They came with advanced technology, far surpassing anything the natives had yet experienced. Their progress was marred by the incessant rivalry between the two Anunnaki princes. Nobody could have imagined the effect and impact they would have upon this planet and its inhabitants, then primitive ape men, just getting to grips with making fire. This is their and our story - The Greatest Story Never Told.

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