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The Fall of Night's Blood: Part 3

Length: 690 pages11 hours


Part 3
Chapters 39 - 60
When the ancient Akakharu awake from their slumber to attend the bi-centennial Council Meeting of the Four Houses, they find that one of their number is unexpectedly missing. Romeo, an outcast at the Council, is sent to investigate the absence. His investigation leads to an encounter with a mysterious mortal, triggering a string of events that threatens war, and the resurrection of an ancient prophecy, long since thought laid to rest... the end of the world.
But in a world now changed beyond recognition for most Akakharu, what would ‘the end of the world' actually mean?
The end of their time on this world? The end of mankind? Or the start of a new world... one which they can, once again, rule?
The Fall of Night’s Blood is a dark and epic tale, spanning seven nights, in which love, friendship and loyalty will be strained, broken and betrayed... in which faith and fate will be tested in the face of an age old war.
At night's fall whose blood will be spilt, and what else might be lurking in the deepest timeless shadows of a terrible and bloody past?

This is a story about an age old war between evil and even more evil forces, and good is just a minor inconvenience to both parties.

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