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Quotes From a Mentor

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“Quotes from a Mentor” is the true life story of a young girl chosen to be mentored by a very special man who saw her potential, and felt she could become anything she desired with his guidance. At thirteen, Sahara finds herself confused after her family life is destroyed by divorce. Chick begins mentoring her, never leaving her side until he dies thirty-two years later at age ninety-six.
“Quotes From a Mentor” is the authentic and accurate dialog between the two, filled with inspiration touching on all areas of life: career, culture, family, relationships, responsibility, love, self-improvement, happiness, wealthy, financial hard times, and the loss of a loved one.
Chick explains everything in such simple terms with real life examples, making it easier to take each step in life. To this day, Chick’s wisdom and advice relates to any situation; for that reason Sahara decided to share his words and their story with the world.
“Fill your todays with lots of tomorrows that you look forward to.”
-Chick Meyers

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